You can register for our rehabilitation programmes by calling +48 (0) 672 632 002, Monday to Friday 8.00-15.00, or by emailing

We take reservations for the following year from the start of the previous year.

If you are eligible for PFRON or other funding, please present the relevant documents at the beginning of your stay.

Payments must reach us before the start of treatment. You can make payment by cash or card at our office, or make a bank transfer to:

SBL ZAKRZEWO ODDZ ZLOTOW 158944 0003 0000 1455 2000 0010

At the time of booking, we will need a deposit of PLN 500 paid by bank transfer or postal order at least 60 days before the start date of the treatment programme. Note that all summer rehabilitation places have to be confirmed by 31 March and deposit paid by this date.

To confirm or to cancel your place, please call our office at +48 (0) 672 632 002.


Regional Family Help Centres (PCPR) may provide funding for rehabilitation treatment from the State Rehabilitation Fund for the Disabled. You can apply for funding if you are registered disabled and live in the catchment area for the Regional Family Help Centre.

How to apply for funding:

Collect a form from the Regional Family Help Centre and submit a funding application for rehabilitation treatment to the State Rehabilitation Fund for the Disabled. You will ned to attach your doctor’s referral letter (referral letters are valid for three months). If applicable, the letter should state the requirement to be assisted by a carer. You will also need to submit a copy of your SN Statement showing the degree of your disability. These documents can be submitted in person by the patient, their parents or carers, or by the treatment provider.

The Help Centre will inform you within 10 days if anything else is needed, and all documents must be submitted within 30 days.

Applications are dealt with within 30 days, and once a decision is made, the applicant will be informed within seven days.

Once you have the confirmation of funding, you will need to inform the Centre within 30 days, but not later than 21 days prior to starting date, which rehabilitation treatment plan you have chosen.

The Help Centre will verify if all formal requirements are met, and will transfer funds to the rehabilitation centre 14 days before the start of treatment.


You will need:

  • Your medical documentation, including any x-rays if available;
  • Your doctor’s referral letter;
  • Your Statement of Disability;
  • Swimming trunks, bath towel, comfortable exercise kit, clothes for horse riding, tracksuit.